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Kite Safaris en Brasil:

Kite Safaris in Brazil:

Rio Grande do Norte

From September to December 2017 – 12 days

A state that not only offers excellent kitesurfing conditions with such a wide selection of spots, but also boasts an authentically rich and vibrant culture and a natural beauty that can and should be experienced first hand.

Discover the East of Fortaleza

From September to December 2017 – 12 days

Little by little, the East of Fortaleza is earning its place on the Brazilian kitesurfing map thanks to its wild and unspoilt coastline which offers all kinds of conditions in spots like Parajuru, Uruau and Iguape.

From Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

From August to January 2017 – 15 days

Who hasn’t heard of Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru or Jericoacoara in the world of kite? These 4 spots dotted along the northeast coast of Brazil have over time gained a reputation amongst pro kitesurfers and amateurs alike.

Discover the Wild North

From August to January 2017 – 12 days

Leaving Ceara behind we will discover the coast of Piaui where we kite through endless channels in the Delta of Parnaiba – the largest delta in America. We then enter the state of Maranhão, arriving in Atins, a truly spectacular paradise which lies at the foot of the sand dunes and lagoons that form the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Kite safari Combo

From August to January 2017 – 22 days

This is by far the most authentic Brazilian experience in terms of aventure, nature and kitesurf. Do you dare?

Kite Safaris in Brazil:

Holiday packages to kitesurf spots in Brazil:

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Barra do Cunhaú - RN

A perfect flat water spot on the outskirts of Pipa – RN.Kitesurfing Barra do Cunhaú


Tibau do Sul - RN

Kitesurfing Tibau do SulA spot that combines flat water and a wave zone, depending on the tide.

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN

A world renowned spot praised for its constant winds and its unbeatable conditions. Kitesurfing Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Praia do Marco - RN

Kitesurfing Praia do MarcoA tiny spot where the winds are even stronger than its neighbouring spots in São Miguel do Gostoso.

Galinhos - RN

Kitesurfing GalinhosAn idyllic spot where strong winds blow and where you’ll find all types of conditions with lots of little secret spots too!

Fortim - CE

Kitesurfing Fortim

An untouched beach where you’ll be one in a handful of kites out at sea.

Parajuru - CE

Kitesurfing ParajuruOne of the best spots around in the east of Fortaleza.

Uruaú - CE

Kitesurfing in UruaúA perfect spot just east of Fortaleza with flat water conditions and constant winds.

Barra Nova - CE

Kitesurfing Barra Nova CearáA flat water spot right next to a super wave spot.

Iguape - CE

Kitesurfing Iguapé CearáA spot with the right combination of waves and flat water.

Cumbuco - CE

Kitesurfing CumcbucoA long, coconut palm-fringed beach internationally known for its lagoon ‘La Laguna de Cauipe” just a few kilometres away.


Taiba - CE

Kitesurfing TaibaTaiba offers strong winds, wave spots and flat water in a magnificent lagoon just a few kilometres from town.


Paracuru - CE

Kitesurf in ParacuruOne of the best wave spots in Northeast Brazil.

Lagoinha - CE

Kitesurfing LagoinhaA beautiful spot with many secret spots closeby.

Guajiru - CE

Kitesurfing GuajiruA tiny fishing village with a great wave spot.

Baleia - CE

Kitesurfing BaleiaA spot with a beautiful lagoon nearby and waves that appear on high tide.

Icaraizinho - CE

With three kite spots to choose from, it’s also one of the most beautiful places in the state of Ceara.Kitesurfing Icaraizinho

Ilha do Guajiru - CE

The largest flat water area in Brazil.Kitesurfing Ilha do Guajiru

Praia do Préa - CE

An extensive stretch of waves and a perfect starting point for a downwind to Jericoacoara.Kitesurfing Préa

Jericoacoara - CE

Kitesurfing JericoacoaraA mystic windsurfing and kitesurfing town with sandy streets and a bohemian vibe.

Tatajuba - CE

A naturally beautiful spot with waves and flatwater next to one another.Kitesurfing Tatajuba

Barra Grande - PI

Luis Correia, Pedra do Sal - PI

Kitesurfing Luis CorreiaA long and beautiful beach where we begin our downwinds into the Delta of Parnaiba.

Delta do Parnaiba - PI

The biggest delta in America, the Delta of Parnaiba.Kitesurfing Delta do Parnaiba

Atins - MA

A beautiful tiny village at the foot of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.Kitesurfing Atins

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