I'm a beginner. Can I go on a Kite Safari?

The Kite Safaris organised by Freeride Kitesurf are aimed at riders with at least an intermediate level and with experience riding using the downwind technique. Freeride Kitesurf makes sure the level of each group is well balanced so that the downwinds are completely safe and everyone can enjoy them.

What if I have a problem with my equipment while doing a Kite Safari?

We strongly advise every client to bring equipment in good condition with spare parts which might suffer more, like lines, kite, etc. so that if at any point there is a problem, the client can change the damaged part and continue kiting. The Kite Safaris are always supported by 4×4’s on land which carry all the equipment and with guides in the water, so there will always be help on standby should an issue arise.

Can I extend the duration of my trip if I wish to?

At Freeride Kitesurf we will do our very best to organise everything so that you can carry on kitesurfing for as long as desired. The more notice, the better!

How many people can go on a Kite Safari?

On the Kite Safaris there’s a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12. On top of this there is a driver and a guide in the water for every 4 people.

I want to travel without my equipment. Is this possible?

The vast majority of the destinations offered by Freeride Kitesurf have kitesurfing structures where equipment can be rented. We strongly advise to get in touch with us through our contact form or by email before booking any trip, as we will be able to organise the rental of equipment in any destination where it’s possible so that everything can be ready upon your arrival.

Is it really necessary to get travel insurance?

In any case it’s mandatory, nevertheless we at Freeride Kitesurf strongly advise you travel with insurance, so that if anything should happen you can be stress free. In this way you will be able to fully enjoy your trip. The insurance plans offered by Freeride Kitesurf cover anything that you may need for the type of trips that we offer on our website.


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