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Kite Cruise

Kitesurfing & Sailing

What is a Kite Cruise?

Can you imagine being able to reach kitesurfing spots only accessible by sea, using a sailing catamaran as your motor to discover breathtaking scenarios with clear turquoise waters?

Kite Cruises are the ultimate way to ensure a 360˚ adventure in which you will mix two amazing sports: sailing and kitesurfing. Anyone who has experienced life on a boat knows how rewarding it is to be so close to nature 24h/7. For those who have never done it before, after just one day you usually get use to it, and the feeling of going out on deck, seeing yourself surrounded by the sea and jumping into it as your morning shower, is priceless.

Being able to combine this lifestyle with kitesurfing is absolutely unique. During our expeditions you will discover mind-blowing spots with unbeatable conditions. One of the advantages of being on a boat is that it’s really rare the day that you don’t manage to find wind; wether it’s on a hidden island or out in the sea, with the catamaran we’ll manage to find it and ride it!

Check out below the list of destinations where we offer catamaran kite cruises:

Most Popular Kite Cruise Destinations: Check out the dates

Kite Cruise


Discover the magic of the Cyclades on board of a catamaran while enjoying the force of the Meltemi. Check out our trip dates here.

Most Popular Kite Cruise Destinations:

Kite Cruise


Explore de Magic Land of the Meltemi with us.

Kite Cruise Aegean Sea

Kite Safari Brazil The Aegean Sea with its countless islands is a magical place where the wind blows constantly day and night up to 40knots. The Land of the Meltemi offers the perfect setting for a catamaran kitesurfing trip, mixing two amazing sports; sailing around it’s islands and kiting in amazing spots and conditions.

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