Kitesurfing in Barra Grande

One of the best kitesurfing spots in Brazil
Barra Grande,

a small village filled with charm with its sandy streets found along the coast of Piaui in northeast Brazil. In the past few years it has converted into a “must visit” for kitesurf lovers. This place has an authentic feel, as do the people and the scenic beauty that surrounds Barra Grande, attracting those even outside of the kitesurfing world. But, even the non-kitesurfers can’t resist and end up discovering a new passion!

Kitesurfing Barra Grande

Wind (Knots)

High season – July – January ➔ 22 kn – 35 kn

Probability of wind – 95%

Low season – February – June ➔ 10 kn – 20 kn

Probability of wind – 55%

Kitesurfing in Barra Grande

Kite Size

Men (take 2 sizes)

7 & 9 depending on weight

Women (take 2 sizes)

5 & 8 depending on weight

Kitesurfing Barra Grande


Air temperature

28˚C – 38˚C all year round

Water temperature

26˚C – 28˚C all year round

Kitesurfing Barra Grande
Kitesurfing Barra Grande
Kitesurfing Barra Grande Brazil
Spot characteristics

Barra Grande boasts a variety of awesome kite spots:

Praia de Barra Grande: Practising kite here is perfect here between high tides and low tides where you will find the latest waters, with a depth of 1.4 metres, which makes it ideal for freestyle. Going further into the ocean you’ll arrive at a sandbank which forms a shore break with waves of up to 2 metres, great for wave riding. This spot is suitable for kiters of all levels.

Lagoa de Barrinha: Around 2.5km east of Barra Grande you’ll find the flat waters at the mouth of the river of Barrinha. Here, similarly, the water conditions depend on the tide; with high tide you can expect choppiness with waves and a powerful beach break. With medium and low tide you’ll get flat water. To get to this specific spot you have to kite upwind.

Lagoa do Mangue: By kiting 2 km downwind you’ll discover this awesome spot where a huge sandbar separates the open ocean and a lagoons surrounded by mangroves on the water’s edge. the landscape is truly spectacular and the conditions are unbeatable. On one side of the sandbank lies the lagoon with perfect flat waters and on the other side the ocean with its open waves. To return to Barra Grande you can kite upwind or you could rent a donkey and cart!

La Boca (desembocadura del río): La Boca (mouth of the river): To reach “La Boca” it requires kiting downwind slightly further than you would to Lagoa do Mangue, crossing the mouth of the river, arriving at a large space of flat shallow waters.

The windy season begins in July and ends in February, with September, October and November guaranteeing wind almost 100% of the time. The direction of the wind is side shore and usually ranges between 18 and 30 knots with occasional highs of 35 knots.

The temperature ranges between 28˚C and 35˚C and always with warm waters.

For those who want a break from kiting Barra Grande has much to offer thanks to its geographic situation and it’s beauty. Excursions can be easily organised to explore the region to see the highlights, from waterfalls to waters infested with magical seahorses! Kayaking highly recommended!

  • Spot for beginner kiters 100% 100%
  • Spot for experienced kiters 100% 100%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Kitewave 70% 70%
  • Freestyle 100% 100%
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Kitesurfing in Barra Grande
Kitesurfing Barra Grande
Kitesurfing Barra Grande Brazil

Barra Grande Kite Safaris

Discover the Kite Safaris that pass through Barra Grande.Discover this paradise by kite, it’ll be the best kitesurfing adventure of your life.

Kitesurfing trips to Barra Grande

Whether you are wanting to head straight to Barra Grande or whether it is just one of your destination, we will organise it.

Barra Grande - PI

Requirements to enter the country

To enter the country you will need a valid passport for at least six months from the date of entry. You will be permitted a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days which is obtained at the airport of your arrival. During the flight you will be handed an Arrival Card; a piece of paper that you receive upon arrival that must be filled in, authorizing your stay for a certain period. You must keep this document with you during your stay in Brazil as it must be handed in at customs on the day of your departure.

We advise you to contact the embassy of or consulate of your home country should you be in doubt about the requirements necessary to enter Brazil.

How to get there

You can travel directly to Barra Grande by 4×4. The journey usually takes around 4-5 hours. Another option is to stop in one of the many magnificent spots that can be found along the way between Fortaleza and Barra Grande for however long you wish and then continue up to Barra Grande. Whatever you decide, we are here to organise it just the way you want it.

Local Currency

 The Brazilian currency is called Brazilian Real (R$) and we advise you to check the exchange rates when exchanging your money.

Food & Drinks

Barra Grande, like most of the other villages along this coast live from fishing which means that you can try an array of fish typical to the area on the grill and delicious prawns from the region. The village offers a wide selection of restaurant serving international cuisine.

Internet Connection & Plugs

Every pousada that we work with offers a high speed wifi connection. The plugs have a two pin and fit into a type N socket (same as plugs used in most of Europe).

Vaccines & Medicines

In this region of the northeast of Brazil one does not need to be vaccinated, but we would advise you to consult your doctor to inform yourself about vaccinations should you decide to visit other parts of Brazil during your stay.

At the same time we advise you to bring a small First Aid Kit for convenience as it can be very difficult to find medicine especially in the more rural locations.

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