Kitesurfing in Galinhos

A kiteboarding nature park

is definitely on the kite trail map but it is one of those places that still feels undiscovered and far away from the maddening crowds and tourism. It’s a small but charming laid-back fishing village with sandy cobbled streets where locals ride around on their horses and carts all day. Just to get there one could either take a bumpy drive over the steep sandy dunes in a 4×4 or jump on a boat that crosses the River Aratua which surrounds most of Galinhos giving it that authentic island vibe!

Galinhos is literally a long sandbar connected with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the mouth of the Aratua River on the other, making this tiny fishing village an idyllic spot for the practice of kitesurfing.

A true gift of nature, Galinhos continues to be one of the still-untouched places on the northern coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, where time has literally stopped. There are no cars or motorcycles and its inhabitants travel by foot or in donkey-pulled carts. The authenticity of Galinhos and the surrounding countryside capture the hearts of all who pass through.

Kitesurfing Galinhos

Wind (knots)

High season – July – January ➔ 18 kn – 35 kn

Probability of wind – 95%

Low season – February – June ➔ 10 kn – 18 kn

Probability of wind – 55%

Kitesurfing in Galinhos

Kite Size

Men (take 2 sizes)

7/8 & 10 depending on weight

Women (take 2 sizes)

5/6 & 8 depending on weight

Kitesurfing Galinhos


Air temperature

28˚C – 38˚C all year round

Water temperature

26˚C – 28˚C year round

Kitesurfing Galinhos
Kitesurfing Galinhos
Kitesurfing in Galinhos
Spot characteristics

These are the spots where you can go kiteboarding in Galinhos:

Galinhos’ Beach: This little bay offers superb conditions of both flatwater and waves. Windward, when the tide rises, perfectly aligned waves begin to form from left to right which are designed for riding until they finish brepakingass you move downwind near the shoreline. The water between each wave is perfectly flat, ideal for practising tricks. Sunset sessions here are really something!

Galinhos’ Lagoon: This lagoon is 5km long, surrounded by sand dunes and lies just south of the town of Galhinos. Conditions here are choppy with some areas of flat water. You can get here either by riding downwind around the tongue of land or by boat. This is the perfect place for someone who wants to begin kite surfing and just as good for the more experiences who want to experiment with their tricks and jumping.

There are other little hidden kiting gems found on the outskirts of Galinhos with flat waters and waves which can only be reached by doing extensive downwind or by boat.

In Galinhos, typically the wind blows from August up until the end of March, however it is during the months of October, November and December when you’ll be guaranteed winds nearly 100% of the time. One could usually expect 16 to 26 knots and enjoy days when it blows at 30 knots. The wind blows side on shore constantly all day until the sun begins to set and the wind gradually dies down.

The temperature in Galinhos ranges from 26˚C – 35˚C throughout the year and the water temperature never below 27˚C.

Galinhos is one of those places where you wish you could stay just that little bit longer to discover all of its hidden secrets. Between kite sessions it’s worthwhile dipping in the warm waters and floating around in the salty natural pools. Every evening locals gather around on the beach with their horses and carts offering trips along the beautiful stretch – best seats in the house to see the sunset!

We wouldn’t let you leave without experiencing a magical day trip with the local tour guide “Junior Tubarão”. This self-taught guide will take you on a unique and memorable boat tour through endless mangroves, around mountains of salt pounds to teach you about the natural fauna and wild life that can be found here. Expect to see seahorses drifting by and islands swamped with crabs to beaches filled with oysters which you’ll be sure to taste at lunch time followed by a variety of fresh, mouthwatering sashimi served to you in the warm shallow waters prepared by Chef Tubarão himself.

  • Spot for beginner kiters 100% 100%
  • Spot for experienced kiters 100% 100%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Kitewave 100% 100%
  • Freestyle 100% 100%
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kitesurfing Galinhos
kitesurfing Galinhos
kitesurfing Galinhos

Kite Safaris passing by Galinhos

Discover the Kite Safaris that pass through Galinhos.Discover this paradise by kite, it’ll be the best kitesurfing adventure of your life.

Kitesurfing trips to Galinhos

Whether you are wanting to head straight to Galinhos or whether it is just one of your destination, we will organise it.

Galinhos - RN

Kitesurfing GalinhosThe perfect spot with strong winds and where you’ll find every kind of condition with a number of secret spots nearby.
Requirements to enter the country

To enter the country you will need a valid passport for at least six months from the date of entry. You will be permitted a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days which is obtained at the airport of your arrival. During the flight you will be handed an Arrival Card; a piece of paper that you receive upon arrival that must be filled in, authorizing your stay for a certain period. You must keep this document with you during your stay in Brazil as it must be handed in at customs on the day of your departure.

We advise you to contact the embassy of or consulate of your home country should you be in doubt about the requirements necessary to enter Brazil.

How to get there
To get to Galinhos there are 2 options:

  1. Fly to International Airport of Natal and from there travel by 4×4 to Galinhos (2-3 hours approx.).
  2. VFly to the International Airport of Fortaleza and from there travel to Galinhos (6-7 hours approx.).

We take care of everything you can think of so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Local Currency

The Brazilian currency is called Brazilian Real (R$) and we advise you to check the exchange rates when exchanging your money.

Food & Drinks

Galinhos is a very small village and thanks to its position it get’s some of the best seafood like crabs, oysters and other tasty fish from the Atlantic. There are a few good restaurants in the village one of them which belongs to a pousada which we collaborate with, Pousada Made in Aqui.

Although a tiny village it is not at all short for choice when it comes to food and quality.

Internet Connection & Plugs

Every pousada that we work with offers a high speed wifi connection. The plugs have a two pin and fit into a type N socket (same as plugs used in most of Europe).

Vaccines & Medicines

In this region of the northeast of Brazil one does not need to be vaccinated, but we would advise you to consult your doctor to inform yourself about vaccinations should you decide to visit other parts of Brazil during your stay.

At the same time we advise you to bring a small First Aid Kit for convenience as it can be very difficult to find medicine especially in the more rural locations.

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