Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho

A unique kiteboarding spot
Icarai da Amontada,

also known as Icaraizinho, is a village that sits in a beautiful bay surrounded by hundreds of palm trees that protect the village itself from the wind and have turned this spot into such an exotic destination, making it so popular among the kitesurfing community. Many say that Icaraizinho is what Jericoacoara was 30 years ago with its stylish restaurants and pousadas, many of which are only a few footsteps from the beach. Even though it is slowly but surely becoming more popular amongst the tourists, Icaraizinho maintains an authentic vibe thanks to the locals and the kiters that pass through making it a place that you’ll never want to leave.

With various spots offering different conditions, turquoise waters and a cosmopolitan feeling, Icaraizinho will be a place that you will always want to come back to.

Kitesurfing Icaraizinho

Wind (Knots)

High season – July – January ➔ 18 kn – 30 kn

Probability of wind – 95%

Low season – February – June ➔ 8 kn – 15 kn

Probability of wind – 55%

Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho

Kite Size

Men (take 2 sizes)

8 & 11 depending on weight

Women (take 2 sizes)

7 & 9 depending on weight

Kitesurfing Icaraizinho


Air temperature

28˚C – 38˚C all year round

Water temperature

26˚C – 28˚C year round

kitesurfing Icaraizinho
kitesurfing Icaraizinho
Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho
Spot Characteristics

In Icaraizinho the wind blows differently depending on the spot that you go to. This is because of the position of the bay itself; the east point protects the village Icarai da Amontada from the wind which means that to kite you have to go to the spots which are at either point. On the east side the wind tends to blow off shore and on the west side on shore. There are 4 different spots where you can kitesurf in Icaraizinho which offer conditions for all tastes and styles:

From east to west:
Completely east of the village is where the wind blows the strongest and most constant. Here too you’ll find a wave spot with waves varying from 1-2m, perfect for kitewave.

On the eastern point of Icaraizinho’s bay roughly in front of Club dos Ventos) you’ll find flat water with a depth of 1m- 1.5m during low tide, perfect for practising little tricks. On high tide the conditions can get a little choppy.

On the west of the bay, you’ll find one of the most popular spots in Icaraizinho (in front of Barraca do Kite) which on low tide gloats flat waters of up to 30m from the shore and on high tide perfect waves riding. You might come across some gusty spots here but the further out you go the more powerful and constant the wind is.

Completely to the west of the bay, just behind some wind turbines, a perfect butter flat water spot forms on low tide, perfect to beginners and freestylers. Here the wind is constant and strong.

In Icaraizinho you’ll be getting wind nearly 100% of the time between the months of August and January, although you may even find you’ll get good wind in July and February. There is usually around 18 to 28 knots with peaks of 30 knots. Winds are constant in all parts except for the middle of the bay in front of the village where it gets pretty gusty.

The temperature of the water does not reach below 28˚C and the air between 26˚C y 32˚C.

For those who have had enough of kitesurfing, for those who want to have a little break or simply for those who don’t kite, Icaraizinho offers plenty of fun things to do on the beaches and in nature. You could have a go on a stand-up paddle, surf board or even rent a dune buggy and take a drive to Moitas, the neighbouring village and explore its beautiful dunes.

The walks along the beach during sunset are unbeatable and a must on low tide. For those who still have a little bit of energy left at the end of the day, you can always join in on one of the locals’ football matches which take place every evening until the sun disappears.

There is a good nightlife vibe in Icaraizinho thanks to the variety of bars and restaurants which serve some of the best caipirinhas. Don’t miss out on this!

  • Spot for beginners kiters 100% 100%
  • Spot for experienced kiters 100% 100%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Kitewave 100% 100%
  • Freestyle 80% 80%
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Kitesurfing Icaraizinho
Kitesurfing Icaraizinho
Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho

Kite Safaris passing by Icaraizinho

Discover the Kite Safaris that pass through Icaraizinho. Discover this paradise by kite, it’ll be the best kitesurfing adventure of your life.

Kitesurfing trips to Icaraizinho

Whether you are wanting to head straight to Icaraizinho or whether it is just one of your destination, we will organise it.

Icaraizinho - CE

Icaraizinho with its three surrounding spots is one of the most beautiful places in the whole state of Ceara.Kitesurfing Icaraizinho


Requirements to enter the country

To enter the country you will need a valid passport for at least six months from the date of entry. You will be permitted a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days which is obtained at the airport of your arrival. During the flight you will be handed an Arrival Card; a piece of paper that you receive upon arrival that must be filled in, authorizing your stay for a certain period. You must keep this document with you during your stay in Brazil as it must be handed in at customs on the day of your departure.

We advise you to contact the embassy of or consulate of your home country should you be in doubt about the requirements necessary to enter Brazil.

How to get there

Get a flight to the International Airport of Fortaleza and from there Icaraizinho is only 3 hours drive away. The roads are in good condition and well signed.

We can organise all of this for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Local Currency

The Brazilian currency is called Brazilian Real (R$) and we advise you to check the exchange rates when exchanging your money.

Food & Drinks

Icaraizinho can offer its guests a varied gastronomic experience of a high quality. Thanks to the influx of foreign investors in this little village there is a really great selection of restaurants that specialise in regional food, Italian, Japanese and French cuisine. There’s something for everyone to choose from.

Internet Connection & Plugs

Every pousada that we work with offers a high speed wifi connection. The plugs have a two pin and fit into a type N socket (same as plugs used in most of Europe).

Vaccines & Medicines

In this region of the northeast of Brazil one does not need to be vaccinated, but we would advise you to consult your doctor to inform yourself about vaccinations should you decide to visit other parts of Brazil during your stay.

At the same time we advise you to bring a small First Aid Kit for convenience as it can be very difficult to find medicine especially in the more rural locations.

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