Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara

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better known as “Jeri”, is, without a doubt an addition to your bucket list. Discovered in the 80’s by windsurfers searching for the perfect conditions, this little gem of a town hidden amongst endless sand dunes, would make anyone feel like an explorer stepping into the unknown.

The Jeri we see today has developed into a world-famous destination not only for windsurfing and kitesurfing but also for tourists from all over. Only accessible by 4×4 due to its isolated location, it is a wonder how this enchanting village offers such a wide variety of top range pousadas and such a selection of superb restaurants. Village life in Jeri moves slowly during the day as everybody ventures out to the beach or neighbouring lagoons, but when night hits everyone comes out to play. Late afternoon, no matter what day of the year, everyone heads to the main beach to watch talented locals practise the beautiful dance of capoeira and to walk the neighbouring dune to get the best view of the magical sunset. As the evening sets, Jeri’s main square fills with locals and tourists alike, bars fill up as people gather to watch Brazilian musicians perform live, and people stroll the sandy streets sipping their caipirinhas and shopping at the many artisan stalls and boutiques. It’s no wonder why travellers passing through make it their home, Jeri offers a bit of everything for everyone and once you dip your toes into the barefoot laid-back lifestyle Jeri has to offer, you’ll never want to leave!

Kitesurfing Jericoacaora

Wind (Knots)

High season – July – January ➔ 22 kn – 35 kn

Probability of wind – 95%

Low season – February – June ➔ 10 kn – 20 kn

Probability of wind – 55%

Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara

Kite Size

Men (take 2 sizes)

7 & 9 depending on weight

Women (take 2 sizes)

5 & 8 depending on weight

Kitesurfing Jericoacaora


Air temperature

28˚C – 38˚C all year round

Water temperature

26˚C – 28˚C all year round

Kitesurfing Jericoacoara
Kitesurfing Jericoacoara
Kitesurfing Jericoacoara
Spot Characteristics

On the main beach of Jericoacoara there is an awesome spot for catching waves but unfortunately, it’s solely reserved for windsurfers. Regardless, there are plenty of other spots offering the same or even better conditions on the outskirts of Jeri. Here are a few of our favourites:

Préa and Barrinha: These are two beaches that link to form a stretch of 15 km where the wind blows constantly between 20 and 35 knots. With low tide the water is flat and as it rises, waves of about 1 or 2 metres start to roll in.

The done thing here is to join a downwind from Barrinha or Prea to Jericoacoara. This takes approximately 1 hour to do (depending on your level), with an optional stop just before Jeri. Downwind until you reach the final destination just after the “sunset dune” where a 4×4 or buggy will be waiting to pick you up.

Duna por do sol (Sunset dune): Behind this infamous dune you can kitesurf without the need of a buggy or a 4×4 because of it’s close proximity to the Jericoacoara village. Because of the dune, the wind can be slightly gusty but if you go just that little bit further west, the wind becomes more constant. Sunset sessions here are spectacular especially during high tide when waves form from the sandbanks close to shore and a small lagoon rises just behind the dune with a small entrance to the sea.

Lagoa de Guriú: About half and hour downwind from Jeri lies Guriú where you’ll find a perfectly flat lagoon and more than likely a few pros practising tricks in preparation for their next competition!

Tatajuba: This spot truly is a paradise for kitesurfers but it is tide dependable. You’re guaranteed great kiting but you must be sure to time it right. On medium tide the kiting area is restricted to a smaller size but this is the best time for flat water conditions. During high tide the kite area is huge but the majority of it is very choppy except for a lagoon, which forms on the west side where a handful of kiters can enjoy perfect flat water. Nevertheless you’ll never be without kiting because you always have the option to cross the beach on low tide and kite out in the open sea.
Wind conditions here tend to be fairly strong and have the tendency to be pretty gusty the closer you are to the village.

In Jeri the wind blows from July through to January but it’s at its best between the months of September and November. The direction of the wind is always side on shore and even though the wind can be gusty, in the main spots around Jeri the wind blows constantly between 18 to 35 knots.

During the day the temperature in this region never goes lower than 28˚C and in peak season it can reach up to a scorching 40˚C. Similarly, the water temperature rarely reaches lower than 28˚C.

Jericoacoara is the one of the only remote places in the whole of the northeast Brazil where you’ll find just as many non-kiters and kiters! Originally renowned for watersports, Jeri now offers so many alternative activities, guaranteed your days can be filled back to back with adventure and here are some of our favourites just to name a few:

• Horseback riding along the beach during sunset
• Ride on a buggy or quad into the dunes of Jericoacoara National Park or to its neighbouring caribbean-like Lagoa de Paraíso o Lagoa Azul
• Capoeira lessons on the beach
• Try sandboarding down the surrounding dunes
• Surf or SUP waves on Jeri’s popular main beach
• Take some time out at one of luxury wellness spas
• Join one of the many forro or samba classes offered around town or just simply watch a local and fake it till ya make it!

  • Spot for beginner kiters 100% 100%
  • Spot for experienced kiters 100% 100%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Kitewave 100% 100%
  • Freestyle 100% 100%
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Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara
Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara
Kitesurfing Jericoacoara

Downwinds passing by Jericoacoara

Discover the Kite Safaris that pass through Jericoacoara. Discover this paradise by kite, it’ll be the best kitesurfing adventure of your life.

Kitesurfing trips to Jericoacoara

Whether you are wanting to head straight to Jericoacoara or whether it is just one of your destination, we will organise it.

Jericoacoara - CE

Kitesurf JericoacoaraA mystic windsurfing and kitesurfing town with sandy streets and a bohemian vibe.


Requirements to enter the country

To enter the country you will need a valid passport for at least six months from the date of entry. You will be permitted a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days which is obtained at the airport of your arrival. During the flight you will be handed an Arrival Card; a piece of paper that you receive upon arrival that must be filled in, authorizing your stay for a certain period. You must keep this document with you during your stay in Brazil as it must be handed in at customs on the day of your departure.

We advise you to contact the embassy of or consulate of your home country should you be in doubt about the requirements necessary to enter Brazil.

How to get there

To get to Jericoacoara you would need to get a flight to the International Airport of Fortaleza. Once there you would then travel with a 4×4 to the town of Jijoca on the national road and then you would cross the un signposted dunes of Jericoacoara until you reach the town itself. The journey is approximately 6 hours.

We can organise each journey so that you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

Local Currency

The Brazilian currency is called Brazilian Real (R$) and we advise you to check the exchange rates when exchanging your money.

Food & Drinks

Once you arrive in Jericoacoara you almost completely forget that you are in the middle of nowhere amongst the dunes of a huge dune park. Jericoacoara has absolutely everything to offer from the most basic to the most refined restaurants and pousadas. In jeri could could eat the best pizzas, the best meat or the best fish all of which is served in a bohemian and sometimes chic setting. Whether you are going to Jericoacoara to kitesurf or simply just to visit the place, guaranteed it will leave such an impression on you, so much so, that you will probably want to extend your stay and when you do eventually leave, you’ll be planning your next trip back.

Internet Connection & Plugs

Every pousada that we work with offers a high speed wifi connection. The plugs have a two pin and fit into a type N socket (same as plugs used in most of Europe).

Vaccines & Medicines

In this region of the northeast of Brazil one does not need to be vaccinated, but we would advise you to consult your doctor to inform yourself about vaccinations should you decide to visit other parts of Brazil during your stay.

At the same time we advise you to bring a small First Aid Kit for convenience as it can be very difficult to find medicine especially in the more rural locations.

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